The Asset Protection Law Firm, P.A. Provides Homeowners Access to an Elite Foreclosure Defense Team

Winning Foreclosure Defense Strategies that Buy you Time

The Asset Protection Law Firm, P.A. has assembled a team of licensed Florida attorneys whom specialize in legal foreclosure defense. Their intensive and detailed audits of each client's financial documents identify the proper legal defenses which can be raised in Court. The Asset Protection Law Firm's affiliate Joseph Starr built an elite foreclosure defense team to defend Florida homeowners by referring them to licensed attorneys. They are committed to defending their clients in court, negotiating with the banks and mortgage companies, and maximizing every opportunity to keep people in their homes.

To learn more, contact them directly at (561) 480-2202 and visit them at: www.NewBeginningServices.US

Source: The Asset Protection Law Firm, P.A.