Joseph Starr Assists Baby Boomers With Fore-Closure Issues

Joseph Starr believes in the middle class of America, as well as the homeowner, who has worked his/her life and deserves a fair shake. Unfortunately, this country has preyed upon the very essence that is it's own driving force- the hard working American. People who have worked for 45-50 years should be entitled to own their own home.

Joseph Starr believes in the small business owner as well as the homeowner and wants to help you assert your rights. Unfortunately, this country has preyed upon the very essence that is it's own driving force to begin with- the small business owner-homeowner.

The banks, to begin with, have landed a lot of homeowners in an upside down position with their mortgages after 20 years of living in a home. What can a person who is approaching seventy years of age supposed to do when they are living on a fixed income of social security and then find themselves upside down $120,00.00 paying $1,700.00 on a mortgage to a home that they no longer own? This scenario does not seem fair at all and most people would agree that this is not the program that we signed up for when we were little watching re-runs of Walt Disney on a Sunday night. No, the hard working American has put in 45-50 years of sweat equity only to find out that their nest egg may have been compromised by the bank at the end of the trail. So, what is a person to do? Answer- Get the right legal help.

Let us help

Mandy , Paralegal

Mr. Starr's referred attorneys are experts in both fore-closure and pre-foreclosure defense. Mr Starr will refer you to the proper legal council whom are among his own chosen network of attorneys whom are both Florida Bar Licensed and Illinois licensed. Let's face it, when dealing with the bank, you need a legal team that can bypass the front line employees of a bank;s defense and deal directly with the bank's supervising attorneys in order to get the job done. Our referred legal attorneys can do just that.

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