Joe Starr Recognized by Who's Who in America

Joseph Starr was recognized by Who's Who in America for outstanding referral services to attorneys in the Florida area. Mr Starr has referred many distressed homeowners to Florida Bar Attorneys whom have helped clients facing fore-closure.

Joseph Starr was recognized by Who's Who in America for referring clients to attorneys in South Florida for help with their fore-closure issues. Mr Starr has helped distressed homeowners find the proper certified attorney that can help them either modify their loan or seek better terms regarding homeowner payments. Many homeowners have been compromised by the banks and need proper representation regarding legal services. Although Mr Starr is not an actual attorney, he has the most prominent network of successful fore-closure attorneys and law firms in the United States. Mr. Starr believes that the little guy deserves a break and that the backbone of the American economy is the small business owner whom has been targeted by literally every agency in the world. "It's time that we start helping the very people who have been supporting our economy for a change." says Mr. Starr. The good news is that the homeowner does have actual rights to pursue a fair mortgage. Let Joe Starr's referred attorneys help you.

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