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Joseph Starr has been a resident of Florida since 1968. Mr Starr has 2 legally adopted children and 1 daughter and is an entrepreneur in Broward County. Mr. Starr believes in standing up for the middle class homeowner in this country.

If you have ever wondered about getting better terms on your mortgage, Joseph Starr might be just the man to help you. Mr Starr has working alliances with some of the very best Florida attorneys whom specialize in both fore-closure and pre-foreclosure issues. Mr. Starr advocates that it is important to have the proper law firm-attorney to help you with your fore-closure issues as the bank may fail to respond to  non attorney requests. Moreover, it is equally important to find the type of attorney that specializes in bank litigation. Mr. Starr can directly align you with the proper Florida Bar licensed attorney who can help you with your mortgage issues. One of Mr Starr's referred attorney's - Andy Treusch of Treusch Law Group, PA is an excellent Florida Bar licensed attorney with experience in bank litigation. Treusch Law Group, PA is also staffed with excellent office professionals with combined experience in giving you both optimal customer service as well as sound legal council. Mr. Starr cannot encourage you enough to take advantage of the rights that you have regarding your mortgage and the different options that may be available to you as a homeowner. The scales can often tip in your favor. 

A good offense is a solid defense

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