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Joe Starr has assembled a caring and highly skilled foreclosure defense legal team that shares in a common philosophy and purpose - to keep you in  your home. You can learn more about Joe Starr from the information provided on his website 

​The lawyers who try cases for banks, usually work for foreclosure mills,  where young inexperienced lawyers have several hundred foreclosure cases on their desk. Nobody goes to law school dreaming of taking peoples homes away.

Foreclosure mills representing banks often hire new law school graduates from third-rate law schools. Foreclosure mills can run over homeowners who do not hire lawyers and fail to even show up for their trials.  

It is easier and more profitable for the banks to skip proper documentation so that they can roll out the foreclosures even faster- homeowners have more power than they ever imagined. When people think they are faced with "the end" it is actually a "new beginning" on another level. Banks love to bluff and employ "scare tactics" to intimidate homeowners - they play off the homeowners being in a vulnerable position. In a properly defended case, that bank has far more issues to prove that just that the homeowner did not pay.  

The bank, as the plaintiff, has to win every issue to win the case.  It is critical for the homeowner to find the right attorney to properly defend their case.

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