Florida Asset Protection Group Voted Number One

The Florida Asset Protection Group was just recognized as one of Florida's leaders in referring distressed homeowners to the proper legal attorneys. Many homeowners now have hope to stay in their homes through the help of the proper attorneys referred by Florida Asset Protection.

The Florida Asset Protection Group wins another round of applause as it just helped new homeowners, this week, find the proper referred attorney to help them with their mortgage needs. Joe Starr, Managing Partner of the company enjoys helping homeowners find the proper attorney to help with their mortgage needs. Many homeowners used to feel that the bank had the final say in determining the type of mortgage that the homeowner would receive. Now, with the proper legal council from attorneys referred by F.A.P., homeowners can now enjoy more favorable options concerning their home mortgage (s). The working class of America deserve a break and should not have to pay more for their homes than the home is worth. The team of Florida Asset Protection wants you to have a fair mortgage so that you can relax and breathe again.

There is always a way

Sandy Ciminelli, General